With over 20 years of local and international experience in hair care, Vasantha is known as Sri Lanka’s most conspicuous hair stylist in his reputable, ever so trendy Salon Kess. He was a young engineering student in London, exploring Europe when he fell in love with the hair & beauty industry in Milan in 1980 and left his logical mind to pursue his creative desire.

From Aldo Coppola to Oribe, Vasantha’s transatlantic experience was amongst the most prominent names in the World of hair-care & style. Having been trained by artists who today are top celebrity stylists could only mean a bright future for our Sri Lankan prodigy.

In the late eighties, Vasantha returns home an acquired stylist of international fame. Having gained knowledge and overseas experience, he wants to elevate the local standards in hair-care and styling to make a difference. Nevertheless, the South Asian hair stylist is still being called to Europe by iconic designers such as Isabella Blow and Yves Saint Laurent to style for Paris Fashion Week.

Thanks to Vasantha’s clear understanding of South Asian hair, Kess has been Colombo’s reference in the hair care industry since its establishment. Along with its team of passionate, creative hair stylists, Salon Kess provides its loyal clients the current hair trends and the finest treatments complemented by the most appropriate foreign products with respect and consideration to the nature of difficult Asian hair.